You look nice today! That shirt really goes with your eyes.

Welcome to Doubletaker’s cyber-empire! We make shopping bags, t-shirts, prints, and posters adorned with angry pigeons, malevolent squirrels, manic bunnies, and other fiendish birds, beasties, critters, and varmints.

So if you’ve ever wanted to nestle down with a Paloma of Doom, shop with a Squirrel of Havoc, or to sidle up to a Bunny of Destruction, you’ve come to the right place.

We make all these delights in sunny Glasgow, Finnieston. It’s nice here.

We’ve finally herded the bunnies and squirrels into the store. They are lined up and almost ready to go. If you need any of our fine products while we’re still finishing off the shopping cart, send us a wee email and we will scurry about and do your bidding immediately. We can mail ‘em anywhere.

We’ve got two new lines of designs on the boil and we’re pretty excited about this. New creatures are a-comin’! To keep up with thrilling news like this and photos of Dumpling, the office cat, subscribe through the link above or email us and we’ll put you on the monthly newsletter list.

Please enjoy this squirrel.





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